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The following are a collection of links that serve as educational resources regarding what causes strokes, information on stroke prevention, stroke rehabilitation and products that aid in the process of recovery.

*November is National Family Caregivers Month which makes it a great time for caregivers to seek the resources and support they need. Also, the Caregiver Action Network is an excellent online organization devoted to just that: http://caregiveraction.org.

Caregiver's Bill of Rights - click here

National Stroke Association - www.stroke.org

American Stroke Association - www.strokeassociation.org

Center for Disease Control & Prevention - www.cdc.gov/stroke

The Internet Stroke Center - www.strokecenter.org

WebMD Stroke Health Center - www.webmd.com/stroke

Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroke

The Stroke Network Support Site - www.strokenetwork.org

Saebo Stroke Rehabilitation Products - www.saebo.com

Bioness Stroke Rehabilitation Products - www.bioness.com

WalkAide Foot Drop Treatment - www.walkaide.com


*The Rezza Foundation is not affiliated with any of the above companies or organizations, rather they are just being provided as informational resources.